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Use additional Mail addresses to eliminate your spam April 23, 2007

Posted by Steven in Freetime, Innovation.

Disposable E-Mail Addresses for unwanted mail

Here is a small selection of very good e-mail services that offer you disposable e-mail-addresses. That means, that you create an address that you can get access to or that is being forwarded to you for a limeted amount of time. After that time-period passed, that e-mail-address will be deleted and can no longer be used. Your privacy will be asured and no web-service will get access to your “real” address.

Sign-up Required. First 30 days are free, after that time: 10 USD per year.

Free. Slightly strange frontend. Sign-up Required. E-mail can be forwarded and read on their site.

Sign-up is mandatory. There is a free account: 50MB bandwidth 2 addresses and 1 personal domain.

Very very easy. No sign-up at all. Free. Just pick any address you want at mailinator.com. Even info-at-mailinator.com and so on. Simply type that name into the designated box and you can check your spam mail. Very big disadvantage: Really everyone can read everything!

Free. No sign-up. Very easy. At first select an address and type in your real e-mail. Than say how long that address should be active. So within an hour everything from xyz123-at-jetable.org will be forwarded to you!

Free but you need to sign up. You have some neat management functions and can create a few addresses.

Pretty nice service. They say they do not have any commercial ties. But you need to sign up. Afterwards you can create many addresses an delete them whenever you want.



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