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We’re doing the hot stuff May 10, 2007

Posted by Steven in Innovation, Internal, Work-related.

Blue is blue, that’s what I am always telling you. In my current incarnation of the blue colour we do indeed worship innovation and innovative tools. Unfortunately we do not really announce them and we tend to hide the good stuff very deep in the intranet application portfolio. But we really do have the good stuff in place:

Mediawiki Logo

official: http://www.webex.com/
our instance: https://db.webex.com/


we de have two = ibit and ies:
IES Blog Pilot: http://ies.gto.intranet.db.com/blog/
IBIT dbBlog: http://innovation.ibit.gto.intranet.db.com/db/e…
Global IES Blogs for DB: http://blog.tools.intranet.db.com/

del.icio.us clone:

Forums discuss:


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