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Why is no one appreciating web developers any more? November 12, 2007

Posted by Steven in The-Web.

I wonder. Is it really so easy to code html? Are companies no longer appreciating the value of a great web developer any more? I think this is really bad. Being a good web developer involves more than just knowing how to “click together” a page in Dreamweaver.




1. Chad Edge - January 24, 2008

I’m about to write a post that (I hope) will better describe the divide between “Developer” and “Designer” as it relates to Web ‘development.’
I feel the same way you do; in fact, I’m finding a fairly complicated (yet not beyond my abilities) project is being handed over to a PHPNuke/Joomla reseller for about a month’s salary (my salary).
The project will not deliver on our needs to the extent my own development can, and while I’m not as well versed in design (leading, and various PMS numbers fall out of my wife’s mouth like you wouldn’t believe), I know that dropping a logo into a top-corner and some css hacking is not what my employer really needs.
When it comes to office building construction, an architect is necessary, but that contractor is the one that actually puts it all together.
Together: that’s a good word. Some jobs can be handled by one ‘developer’ (playing the roll of both designer [graphic], and developer [application]), but many need more. Slapping together a Dreamweaver* page just doesn’t work anymore.
*Dreamweaver == the new FrontPage in our metaphors?

2. Steven - January 28, 2008

Thanks for that! I think you are absolutely right. Our world is getting more complex so we need to clearly define what to expect from a specific role. I would love to see a “designer” do a terrific job on wonderful screens and not understanding one single line of code (although he probably should have some feeling for code – to make it easier to communicate as a whole team) – and a “developer” who is great in coding let’s say standard compliant xhtml and even scripting php etc.

My point in that post was actually that I refuse to accept that the role “wed developer” is being simplified by the outside world. It is a complex and challenging role and as we both agreed it is not about pulling together some kind of web page (using frontpage or dreamweaver)

I mean I like Dreamweaver :-) But as we probably both know.. Real projects and real requirements for a web developer are more challenging than simply using Dreamweaver and then shouting “done”. I’ll be glad to read your post about these topics..

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