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Where is the real party crowd? January 9, 2008

Posted by Steven in Freetime.

For unconventional people like us there aren’t many places to go anymore. Everywhere high fidelity clubs are evolving. So called clubs where the unfriendly immigrant doorman examines your footwear and if it isn’t the Prada Slip ons in black you will not be allowed in. If you manage to get in these places you see posh people (nice to look at but nothing more) who sit around the corners drinking expensive stuff and celebrating how important they are.

Back in the old days there were real clubs with real unique people. The poorest people and the most influential people danced side by side because they were cool. They did not care about the quality of canned champaign or any of the fancy stuff. Clubbing was about people, music and fun and that should be it. It shouldn’t be about big names and posh places where all the tourists would like to go in and where the local city papers write about. I have been praising the few places that still exist earlier… Shortly ago a community was created in Frankfurt, devoted to real good music (house, deep house, electro) and people that just want to have fun regardless of the posh attitude.

Fuckmybeatz is growing and is now a members only club with good parties every now and then. This Saturday the signature event for 2008 will take place and I dare you to join in on the fun. A few impressions for you after the break:

Was man vergisst..

Im Alter..

Nivea sieht nur von unten aus wie Arroganz.

FMB Signature Teaser 5



1. Leo - January 16, 2008

Nice text. How did you find us?

2. Steven - January 28, 2008

Thanks. I am glad you appreciate it! You have done a great job. I am living in Frankfurt for most of the time. I got pulled into your community by Laila :-)

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