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Skins January 11, 2008

Posted by Steven in Freetime, In-Media.

A message from a friend of mine just draw my attention back to the old days. Back to the days where I had the chance to suck in some of that British spirit of living in the United Kingdom. When I was in the U.K. early 2007 British television experienced a crisis. I mean – I think the crisis still persists but at least it had some sort of climax in early 2007. People complained about the low quality of airing shows and about the amount of foreign and American shows.

So what did the smart people at E4 come up with? Right they opened the curtains for their very British view of happy adolescence. In other words they started airing “Skins“. A uniquely designed show which displays the complicated (did I already say British?) lives of some teenagers. The mixture is unique (did I say British?) and the way the story is being told. First of all to the mixture of characters:

You can observe the adventures of a popular boy, his girlfriend, a Muslim boy, a gay boy, a girl with eating disorders, a boy who is desperate to lose his virginity, an intelligent and privileged girl with family problems, and a party animal in love with his teacher. The mix of races and clothing style is very appealing to me and also very British. The gay character is nicely displayed as a confident young guy whose homosexuality is only incidental. The actor Mitch Hewer is also worth keeping an eye on.

The series is not one of the usual sitcoms it develops the story while focusing in each episode on a dedicated character. The stories are then woven together and being thoughtfully interlinked.

The attractive trivial sense of British everyday life is very nice to watch and I dare you to take a look. The website and the wonderful signature teaser video gives you first impressions.



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