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I have to say I really like wordpress. January 29, 2008

Posted by Steven in Freetime, In-Media, The-Web.
I Love WordPress

My career as a blogger started off when everyone used movable type. I mean it was not so long ago. Maybe around 2004. Even back then we had the ability to use lean web frontends and advanced scripting languages to instantly create great pages. Movable Type was very interesting to me but I never really got the point with all the “publishing” stuff and the pseudo automatic page overhaul when you first create content and then some process in the blog system will actually make the posts visible (I am a little tech-guy inside so I know what’s going on but it’s just not user friendly).

Movable Type Admin Console Version 3 Screenshot

Of course back then I installed everything myself and I did not believe in the easy hosted services like blogger or typepad. Unfortunately my hosting services was a cheap little student offer so eventually my early non-commercial movable type installation was lost. Then I started to look around for an easy to use open source blogging system. I had to find wordpress at that stage! Of course I installed it myself. I immediately fell in love with it. It was very easy to use even at version 2.0.1 something. It was so nicely designed so friendly to the actual user, yet so powerful and customizable. It is really a lovely system! My web space provider screwed up again (it really did loose all my data twice!) so I canceled the contract and moved somewhere else.

But instead of doing the whole installation again I switched to wordpress.com. The service seemed nice and the policies were friendly as the wordpress system was itself. But one recent change really forces me to shout out my love: WordPress.com now gives all the greedy free customers 3GB of storage space for free! Now I can really blog everything I want in one place and I have the luxury to not worry about hosting, infrastructure and so on! Great! Thank you wordpress.com thank you automattic.

Wordpress Purple Heart Logo 1 - smaller version



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