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Windows XP is not dead – how to install the old lady on modern chipsets. May 9, 2008

Posted by Steven in The-Web.

I can only repeat my view on Vista. It was and is a big disappointment. No great new features from a user’s perspective. Sure there is lot’s of neat and necessary stuff under the hood (like IPv6, DirectX 10, Dot.Net build in, HDDVD at least filesystem support, modern wireless standards etc.) but how does the user really view that? It’s slower it’s more complicated it doesn’t carry out tasks as fast and as easy as Windows XP used to do it. So it is a huge disappointment.

I would quote the PC guy from the Apple commercials and say: don’t give up on Vista (but I switched back 3 weeks ago: so much happier).

Anyway… There is a big problem. So we got these new PCs.. Of Course no Floppy Drive but nice, neat SATA chip sets calling at modern fast spinning SATA hard drives. Windows XP will not install on most of those systems (Blue Screen of Death, and many more strange issues during installation).

The reason is in most cases the lack of modern chip set / SATA drivers within Windows XP installation media. Of course you can reload those things during Windows setup if you press F6 when the initial setup program loads up. But the F6-technique only works when you have a good old fashioned build in floppy drive and the driver disc at hand.

Luckily I found the following nice webpage which explains in depth how to create a windows installation media with the drivers included. The guide uses nLite which is a very useful freeware tool.




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