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My Favourite… June 26, 2008

Posted by Steven in Freetime.
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… hate love relationship. Berlin. City of amazing people, city of amazing experiences. I do sort of have the gut feeling that this time you are going to fail me. But the last two years (and of course the years before that) have been wonderful.

It was always quick, sometimes dirty, it was always different than planned and it always involved a massive amount of fun and the feeling of no regrets.

Despite all difficulties in recent times I would like to use that short moment now to pay a little tribute to this glorious city.

Berlin Mitte, Backyard, Mood Lighting

Mood of the City. East. Mitte.

Berlin\'s West near U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz

Berlin U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz Berlin West

Berlin Bus West Berlin at the Verge of the East

U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz Berlin West Inside

I am going to visit again. In fact soon. And what a coincidence… On that soon coming date there will be a certain mass demonstration going on in the city, accompanied by tons of parties and so forth.

This year everything is different and the freakin’ European Soccer Championship thing is also going on in the city. It’s gonna be interesting when soccer fans and fans of that mass movement mix.

The very unfortunate thing is that we need to change the route. No longer can the trucks go directly from Potsdamer Platz throught the government quarter up to Siegessäule. This way is blocked by the UEFA fan area and tons of soccer both.

Organizers put it in a very positive way.. And I am quite tempted to agree: In the past the demonstration route was alwayas going by a large portion through the western part of berlin. Nicer parts but western parts. This time we will take a huge lap through the eastern and cool uprising part of Berlin. In the end we are going to end up at Siegessäule but lets see.

The complete route was snagged by city officials and can be downloaded here.

All official information can be found here.



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