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It does one thing. And it’s great at what it does. Peek Email device. August 21, 2008

Posted by Steven in Freetime, Innovation, The-Web.


During my morning skim through the news columns I came across Peek.

It is a new mobile device that just does e-mail. It is supposed to be slim, stylish, affordable and really good at what it does. I think the idea is great.

The people over at peek and the peek blog have looked around and found out that no-one really only carries one device. Even our great iPhone Pals do carry a point and shoot digital camera or even an Mac Book Air. The Convergence of mobile devices is just not complete yet.

And the iPod did also have the idea of reducing features: No radio, no MP3 Tag editing capabilities etc. It was just a music player and it was great at what id did. Maybe Peek can really do that as well! I want to see really how easy and fun it is to work with e-mail. If Peek is really good at what it does than this 99USD device may be a huge success!



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