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Usable Portable DVD Player October 20, 2008

Posted by Steven in Uncategorized.

Flights can be sohooo long. So what can we do to make the whole thing more bearable? Not much.

I am still searching for the most convenient mobile device to get the job done but I don’t think there is any.

So If I would have tons of moneys and the sense that I want to store and carry tons of devices (where all of them harm the environment during the production process etc.) then a mobile movie player should also be part of the device set.

Ideally a light weight laptop with an actual battery capacity to last me 5 hours or more would be nice. But unfortunately I have not found a device like that yet. All the nice and thin laptops do not last 5 hours. If you really use the machine then some of the good ones make it about 3,5 hours. But 5 hours seems almost impossible. Also for me it seems like if you actually use your device on the road then after one year the battery starts to deteriorate so quickly.

Well and in this context a rather cheaper mobile DVD player that also plays DIVX movies and offers two headphone jacks seems like a fairly reasonable device. It is bulky but more light weight than an actual laptop. It plays DIVX and MP3 music also from a USB stick (hopefully with even longer battery time because no parts have to be moved). So if you feel generous than drop this one into the basket.


Update: Well well well. I think I have to correct myself here. First of all I don’t think the word good fits to this category of products any more. If anything these devices are made by cheap producers and they are sold by heavy discounters.

I have to admit: the technology moved on. Now devices like the iPad seem much more attractive for taking on a long flight. So I don’t want one of these any more :-) and I think it is fairly safe now to take this post off of the “Wishlist” category.



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