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Introducing Gmail Mobile Application Version 2 October 24, 2008

Posted by Steven in In-Media, The-Web.

I know Google controls everything and that is probably not a good thing. But on the other hand innovative companies like Google produce incredibly easy to use applications and tools.

My previous e-mail service provider was GMX. In their 2007 version of the service they introduced a rather annoying and slow “web 2.0” interface to the e-mails. Furthermore the Anti-Spam solutions at GMX are not really working. Every day I receive so much spam. And what’s even worse: although I do receive so much spam some of my personal e-mails from friends gets marked as spam and put away. So basically I have the spam flagged but I can’t have GMX delete it automatically because I loose stuff on a regular basis.

To cut a long story short: I switched to Gmail. Excellent Anti-Spam solutions and a fast easy to use web interface. Also: It works nicely with my various Nokia mobile phones. The Gmail mobile application is really a great thing!

The mobile application got updated and released as version 2 today. It offers pretty nice enhancements compared to the previous version 1.06.

Performance Improvements

Use Multiple Accounts

Powerful Shortcuts also on QWERTY phones

Basic Offline Support: Finally you can write and read e-mails even while you do not permit online use of the mobile application. The processing and syncing is automated and works in the background as soon as you allow network use for mobile Gmail.

I find all this quite useful and I installed the Java application on my mobile phone. Simply point your browser to: http://m.google.com/mail and Google will explain to you what to press to install the software on your phone.



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