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Southern Californian Lifestyle in Frankfurt August 12, 2009

Posted by Steven in In-Media, The-Web.

The first reaction was: sheer utter excitement!

Hollister Announcement

With the August-3rd news by MAB the confirmation seems to be out that Hollister Co. will open their first continental European store in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

MAB built and now leases the MyZeil Shopping Center in Frankfurt in cooperation with Bouwfonds. A similar announcement was observed more than 4 month ago and led to the updated Wikipedia article of Hollister Co. which described a Frankfurt store will open soon. Nevertheless this news was pulled from MABs site (it only appeared in the news ticker headlines anyway).

Now the word seems to be definite. The Abercrombie & Fitch brand “Hollister Co.” will open the first continental European store in Frankfurt Germany. This is a major deal for MAB and MyZeil: As they always intended to push the character of the shopping center towards premium brands and towards a unique experience within Europe. In the recent press release MAB tries to hover on the brand power of ANF while implying that Abercrombie itself will open a store for the “Southern California Lifestyle”.. This is partially correct: The company group Abercrombie will open a store but it clearly will be a Hollister store. The ultimate premium brand of the company (Abercrombie & Fitch) is still only present in London and the US.

To open a store in the current economic climate which intends to sell generic Polo Shirts for about 50-75 Euro each is a challenging endeavor. When looking at the status those brands uphold particularly within the Frankfurt group of teenagers and young adults I must say it will most likely be a success. I also think the particular international background (Lufthansa hub) of Frankfurt will greatly contribute to the success. Hollister and AnF Polos are considered a good casual outfit throughout the world and particularly in the Frankfurt region these items are considered status symbols whereas in other parts of Germany and continental Europe the excitement may not be so big. Take Berlin and Hamburg for example: Crowds in these cities always stressed their independence and their individuality by supporting local brands and styles (like HAM BURG jackets or Berlin internal designers like wunderkind etc.).

For now I would say this will surely be a success. I myself am not planning to stand in line when the store opens in the October time frame.. But I will surely stop by after the launch to get one of those overpriced Polo shirts.



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