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MyWi or PDAnet for iPhone as a mobile hotspot January 16, 2010

Posted by Steven in gadgets, In-Media.

User based summary of tethering steps for three options

1. create network on PC
2. join network on iphone, done
3. To stop tethering, disconnect from current network on both phone and computer

1. open MyWi on iPhone, turn on tethering
2. on PC join the MyWi network
3. to stop tethering, turn off tethering on the MyWi app on the phone, and disconnect from current network on the PC

The Apple Way (requires musclenerd commcenter hack first)
1. on PC change network to tethering Location
2. go to settings on iPhone, turn off Bluetooth
3. go to iPhone settings/general/network turn on tethering
4. to stop tethering change network location on PC and turn off tethering on iPhone system/general/network/tethering/toggle off

Both PDANet and MyWi work with not only Intel Macs, but also Power PC macs. MyWi is not Free. In my speed testing, PDANet was faster than MyWi.

The apple way of tethering does NOT work with PowerPC macs. And the apple way requires that you first modify the commcenter file on the iPhone using terminal to create a patch file.. along with FUGU to rename and replace the original, plus a number of other steps to to update the ipcc files thru iTunes and on and on..

In conclusion, for people on ATTUsa with legit 3GS iPhone running FW 3.1.2, and who are locked to ATTUSA and cannot use Ultrasnow, the shortest path to tethereing is as follows.

1. Run Blackra1n to jailbreak, (does not work on PowerPC Mac) Warning If you use Ultrasnow, do not use blackra1n, use Pawnage Tool instead.
2. From Cydia, install PDANet, open it and follow the simple directions onscreen to start tethering, after that, you can tether without even opening PDANet

My preffered tethering option is PDANet, it works of FW3.1.x, works on PowerPC Mac, simple, free, and requires no hacking or arcane terminal commands.

Also, PDANet is the only option that will do wireless tethering with no need for a Bluetooth capable PC..

Also, PDANet does not need any mobile config files to work, and no carrier setting changes either.

Also using PDANet does not create tethering usage, like the apple way does. PDANet usage only shows up as cellullar data network usage.





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