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How to reset Cydia 1.1 / Cydia Repo Settings April 8, 2011

Posted by Steven in Apple, gadgets.

Here is a quick guide what you can do (mainly using SSH to access files on your iDevice) in order to cleanup Cydia Settings / Cydias Repositories. This guide applies to the recently published Cydia 1.1+.

This guide is based on the excellent Quick Guide at modmyi.com…

Word of Warning:

  • Remember not to delete any directories! Just delete the files mentioned below. If you delete directories Cydia will fail to open.
  • Write down your custom repositories. It is always good to have a backup of your precious repository links. Cydia will re-initialize (ask you again: are you a user, hacker….) so you may need to enter information about your custom repositories.
  • As an alternative to the below method you can use iFile directly on your iDevice.

Prerequisite – SSH into your jailbroken device:

  • Make sure OpenSSH is installed on your iDevice.
    • On your iDevice open Cydia.
    • Select “Sections” in the Navigation bar at the bottom.
    • Select “Networking” from the list of sections.
    • Select “OpenSSH” from the list of packages.
    • Press the install button at the top right of the screen.
    • Press the confirm button at the top right of the screen.
    • Once the install completes successfully press the return to Cydia button at the bottom.
    • Hit the home button (physical button) to return to your home screen
  • Activate WiFi and get your IP-Address.
    • On your iDevice open “Settings”
    • Press Wi-Fi at the top of the settings list
    • Chose your Network and follow the on screen instructions
    • If you are logged into your Wi-Fi network continue below:
    • make sure you are in: Settings > Wi-Fi
    • Next to your network: press the circular blue arrow button
    • In the information section below the buttons you will see “Ip Address ….”
    • note down the IP Address
  • Log into your iphone using a SSH client on your Mac or PC
    • Download and install a SSH client on your mac or pc.
    • If you do not know how to do it.. Search for Cyberduck and guide
    • Open a new connection
    • For server or hostname enter: <the IP Address you noted down from the previous block>
    • For user name / login enter: root
    • For password enter: alpine
    • Click login or connect etc.
    • After you confirmed any potential key warning you should be connected to your iPhone

Reset Cydia – Delete your Repo Settings

  • Navigate to: /var/lib/apt/lists/
  • There: delete all files (do not delete directories, especially do not delete ‘partial’)
  • Navigate to: /var/lib/cydia/
  • There: delete metadata.plist
  • Navigate to: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
  • There: delete all files including cydia.list
  • Exit and disconnect | then restart your iPhone (or respring)

Now when you open Cydia again everything should work fine.


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