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Books inspired by the ‘International Year of Chemistry’ June 7, 2011

Posted by Steven in Wishlist.

Gifts for Me!

Well who would have thought that? The international year of chemistry and a very interesting radio broadcast around that topic inspired me to set some more books onto my wishlist. Let’s see what we have:

The actual info and recommendation came from this radio broadcast. It was a very committed and interesting show of how scientific authors weave the topic of chemistry into great compelling stories.

Sam Kean: Die Ordnung der Dinge
Sam Kean: The Joy of Chemistry: The Amazing Science of Familiar Things



  • very instructive
  • compelling story
  • journey through the years and details of Chemistry

Christian Mähr: von Alkohol bis Zucker: 12 Substanzen, die die Welt veränderten


  • journey via the connecting stream of certain substances
  • every day value

Hubert Mania: Kettenreaktion: Die Geschichte der Atombombe


  • Extremely quick historic Journey
  • sovereign detail (Mme Curie cooking the radioactive substances next to her lunch)
  • thrilling





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