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About the old times and the new heavens… November 15, 2011

Posted by Steven in Freetime.
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Leipzig Dawn Shot

It is unbelievable how fast time flies. After almost a year.. or let’s say half a year.. I was back in Leipzig. It felt different this time. Part being my own situation which shifted a bit from being in a relationship to.. well not being in a relationship. Also some old issues with past friends were resolved and I met totally different people during this trip.

Perhaps the most intriguing part was the beginning of the trip during which we visited the good old Hempe House. A safe harbor during past trips. Well this time as well and I am thankful for that. However it did feel a bit different – hopefully because we are all so busy :) . The party was excellent. I could not believe myself how many handsome people walked around and how excited the mood was. Ronald was there.. on drugs of cause.. but he still resembled the sex symbol of a past time.

Well on we go to a could – cladded Saturday where we met so many nice people. In the afternoon I was deeply humbled by seeing my niece grow up. I believe this is what matters most in my family right now. The boring talk and celebration rituals are absolutely meaningless but seeing this young lady becoming a distinct grown up personality is deeply humbling.

Sunday a strange walk and a visit to the end of the road house. Well what can I say – I felt uncomfortable.

Now seeing all that and again seeing the city in bright sunlight I must say this article describes how my old village may become the new heavens.





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