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Skyfall Fever / Royal Doulton Bulldog November 6, 2012

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Spoiler Alert! Nowadays everyone is talking about “Skyfall” the Sam Mendes incarnation of the 23rd James Bond mission. After some hardships I was able to check out this movie. It is well made and very entertaining. It is not groundbreaking but it is a very nice firework of images and good old cool James Bond wit and action. Whether you expect the shaken Martini, beautiful women or magnificent action scenes.. you will not be disappointed.

With the gifting season upcoming – I would like to focus on a neat little Bond prop that you may want to check out. The vintage Royal Doulton Bulldog.

But first let’s explore how this collectible comes to fame during the movie.

After returning from an important meeting M (played by Judy Dench) and her aide Bill Tanner (played by Rory Kinnear) must stop due to some police action on the Vauxhall Bridge shortly before the MI6 headquarter. In the meantime MI6 is under some sort of cyber-attack and just when M gets out of the car an explosion occurs in the headquarter. The explosion’s focal point is right where M’s office is.

Later in the movie M talks to James in new underground offices of MI6.

During the talk James makes a joke.

J: How come your office gets hit by an explosion and all that survives is that ugly piece. (he points to the bulldog which decorated her desk before and is now present on her new replacement desk as well)

M: I have always appreciated your decorating advise.

Much later during the movie Bond meets Eve somewhere downtown London. Eve mentions that M’s will was read and she hands him a box which M wanted him to have.

Bond opens the box and finds the bulldog inside. He smiles and notes that this does not mean he should work behind a desk. In fact, he supposes it means the opposite.

Now I find that symbolism surrounding the bulldog quite intriguing. And the best part is: It is quite a cute little object and you can order it directly at the Doulton website. So here you find the perfect Christmas present for Bond lovers.

Bulldog at the Royal Doulton Website…



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