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LG Nexus 4 Production Information February 18, 2013

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There are quite some information available on Google’s new Nexus smartphone (manufactured by LG). Recently the android community discovered how you can find out details about your own Nexus 4’s production. My brief summary here is largely based on details given in this forum thread.

So let’s get started.

How to find the hardware revision of your device:

  •  If you know the Serial Number from the box of your Nexus device – remember it.
  • If you do not know it:
    • Find the IMEI of your device (i.e. by going to the dialer and entering  *#06#)
    • Go to the following website (while inserting your own IMEI at the appropriate position)
      http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/csmg/b2c/client/auth_model_check2.jsp?esn=<your imei without hyphen here>
    • The resulting String shows interesting details and the serial number of your model in the 4th block – so at some point after A?????

Now you can either look at the serial from the box or at the above mentioned string:

Production date is encoded in the first 3 positions (reading from left to right):
1st position defines YEAR: 0 – 2010, 1 – 2011, 2 – 2012, 3 – 2013 and so on
2rd and 3rd define MONTH: 01 – January, 02 – February, 03 – March, 04 – April, 05 – May, 06 – June, 07 – July, 08 – August, 09 – September, 10 – October, 11 – November, 12 – December

4th position defines production country:
K – Korea, C – China.

In the 3rd block (A????? Block) of the aforementioned LG website output there are also some production details encoded. First letters after A seem to specify destination country / country of sale (more on that below). 4th digit in that block specifies internal storage size (8 – 8GB and G – 16GB).

AHKGBK – Hongkong, some retailer
ADEUBK – Germany retail 16G (probably Mediamarkt)
ADEGBK – Germany Play store 16G (Google_Open_16G)
AHASBK – Hutchinson “Three” Austria
AESGBK – Spain Play store 16G (Google_Open_16G)
AFRGBK – France Play store 16G (Google_Open_16G)
AUKGBK – UK Play store 16G (Google_Open_16G)
ADE8BK – German Play store 8GB (Google_Open_8G)
AAUGBK – Australia, Google Play store 16G (Google_Open_16G)

Now additionally: If you want to find out which “hardware revision” your device has:

  • boot into bootloader = switch the device off, then switch it back on while pressing volume down and power 
  • common know Nexus 4 hardware revisions are 10 and 11.


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