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Organize your thoughts – Give Wikis a chance September 9, 2013

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Recently I’ve read a lot of stuff about those high-tech note keeping apps for your smartphones. Prime examples may be:

All these tools are very full of features. You can jot down texts, add links, insert images, some allow drawing on top of images and Evernote even includes a OCR module. The question is: do you really need all these complex high-tech features? And for me one more question is: how good are the cloud services? I.e. is the tool simply storing the data in my dropbox? or is there a separate web version (i.e. Evernote.com) and so on.  Additionally I have the specific issue that I work 8hrs a day behind quite a strong firewall and proxy – so not all services work.

So I started digging for other approaches to quickly capture text and the occasional PDF or image file. If you think about it – these requirements are similar to what is expected from a simple wiki site (thousands of these tools can be found on the web). From perspective the advantage is that you can very freely configure what you really need and how you would like to structure and store the information.


Especially for my needs behind a strict proxy I re-activated my Google Apps service. There you can set up Google Sites. Over the years it grew into a big comfortable website editor. You can easily store (private) text and upload files.

The tool also offers mobile optimized sites so you can access your information on the go.

Thus if you think about using one of the big smartphone tools above try moving quick infos into the Google cloud and maybe this might be an alternative for you as well.



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