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There are numerous categories to sort posts in this blog. This page is a reminder of big permanent topics. I provided you with a clickable banner and a short description. After you clicked on the banner all posts within the category will be displayed.


We decided to introduce a new category this year. The App Blender. Apps are becoming ever more important. I see Apps everywhere. That movement really fascinates me. From helpful to entertaining Apps are being used by a large demographic of people. In this category I would like to explore who is using what kind of Apps in what kind of situation.


One of my newest categories is dedicated to finding my “perfect home theater” solution. I don’t need much.. I want to be able to watch the main free TV stations and I want to be able to comfortably watch video files I own (mostly DivX or h.264 encoded. Additionally: I hat physical cables, I hat noise and so on. So one quiet comfortable box and a huge display and I should be satisfied. So far in theory. But which box? Which provider? How to get / process the TV signal? So even in today’s time this seems a non-trivial problem.

Places Illustration

In the “Places” category my blog provides information about great places that my editors and myself discovered. Currently most of the entries focus on the Frankfurt area in Germany but there are also posts concerning the U.S. and the U.K. I will think about adding a geographical categorization when more posts are available.


This represents my personal “Wishlist“. I record items of interest, real and hypothetical presents. In most cases you will find a link to an online-store where you can buy these items. If you would like to know my address to ship these presents just ask.


technology and life hacking

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technology and life hacking


technology and life hacking