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Quick Tipp: iOutBank vollständig auf neuem iDevice einrichten November 30, 2013

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outbank2-150x150Ich nutze iOutBank. Außerdem bin ich ein großer Fan des mTan = mobile Tan Verfahrens. Dabei wird für die Legitimation einer Transaktion ein Code an eine vorher festgelegte Handy Nummer geschickt. Mit diesem Code gibt man dann die Transaktion (z.B. in iOutBank frei)

Auf meinem neuen iPad war leider dieses Verfahren noch nicht eingestellt (für mein relevantes Postbank Konto). Ich habe ein wenig gegoogelt aber leider nichts konkretes gefunden. Daher hier eine kurze Anleitung wie man auf einem neuen iDevice dieses TAN Verfahren wieder aktivieren kann.

Voraussetzungen: Konto welches mTan unterstützt – und die komplette Einrichtung des Kontos und des HBCI Zugriffs auf das Konto hat funktioniert.

  • Start von iOutBank
  • Oben links das Menü anwählen
  • Bankkontakte wählen
  • Auf die relevante Bank (zB Postbank oder Deutsche Bank tippen)
  • ganz nach unten scrollen
  • IMG_6012
  • Auf TAN-Verfahren tippen
  • Bestätigen dass der Verfahrenscode geändert werden soll
  • mTan Postbank Code wäre 901
  • Speichern
  • Unten auf Synchronisieren Tippen
  • Noch einmal auf TAN-Verfahren tippen
  • mobileTAN (901) antippen
  • Für Postbank nun beispielsweise Alphanumerische TANs auswählen
  • Dann sollte unter dem TAN Verfahren eine neue Zeile auftauchen: TAN-Medium
  • Dort kann die Handynummer ausgewählt werden die man vorher mit der Bank freigegeben hat



iPad 3 – German provider Simyo – Internet Tethering August 5, 2013

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If you have an iPad third generation / iPad with Retina display and 30pin Sync port then you can in fact activate internet tethering.

The trick is described her:


  • Make Sure you have at least iOS 6.1
  • Go to: Settings > Cellular Data > APN Settings
  • You should see two sections: “Cellular Data” and “Internet Tethering”
  • Make sure in both sections there is just the following entry:
  • internet.eplus.de
  • (no additional passwords etc.)
  • Then even tethering should work (exit settings app) .. go into Personal Hotspot activate personal hotspot and connect with a device of your choosing. The top bar should color blue. If that does not work immediately check APN settings again exit settings app again and try hotspot feature again.

Long Term Value September 7, 2012

Posted by Steven in In-Media, Innovation.
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If you split up the web and check what engine is powering which site – then you quickly find out that around 17% of the world’s websites are powered by wordpress.

Forbes recently published a very interesting story about the development of wordpress and the inception of “automattic” – the company driving wordpress.com.

The article neatly describes how automattic as the company behind wordpress (and still a huge supporter of open source wordpress.org) grew slowly and always focused on the core ideas of wordpress. Several opportunities were presented to Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider – the co-founders of the company – to cash out but they refused.

Even though the user base grew and many many sites rely on wordpress they still balance out the movement of open source compared to making money and focus on a small modern company.

As a personal interpretation I find this focus on long term value remarkable. So many .com companies are born and quickly sold for many millions. Then investors dissect the core idea behind the original product and a potential evolution is stopped.

I hope the evolution of wordpress yet continues for many more years!

Product Watch List from CES 2012 January 10, 2012

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Here are a couple of newly introduced products to watch out for:

Samsung Camera WB850F


D-Link All-in-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505)

  • lightweight
  • Wireless-N router, network repeater
  • USB recharger
  • Media streamer (with an external HDD)
  • 75 USD


Samsung Series 7 Monitor

  • integrated TV Tuner
  • 1080p
  • Wireless connectivity (strange interfaces though)
  • brilliant computer monitor


Elgato Portable Thunderbolt Drive 120/240

  • Portable / no power brick
  • SSD quick and should be durable
  • Pricey 399euro and up


Migrate to a different Photo Service July 11, 2011

Posted by Steven in Innovation, The-Web.
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If you ever wondered how complicate it is to switch your photo “cloud” service.. worry no more. Alexander Lucas has got you covered with his great little desktop application “Migratr“. It supports many many services including the very popular Google/Picasa and Flickr.

And this here is also an interesting guide if you want to do it without Migratr:


Product Range specifically for WLAN range extension June 23, 2011

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D-Link just introduced a whole new range of products – dedicated to extending the range of your Wi-Fi equipment. I think that’s a good thing. Everyone has a router nowadays. However increasingly I have been called to friends who bought a cheap router and then complain that the kitchen is without the information super-highway. Other interesting products include: Apple Airport, AVM Fritz! and Netgear.

Better and Better: Google Sync for iPhone updated June 20, 2011

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finally the Exchange implementation of Google Sync for iPhone and iPad got updated so you can now accept and decline appointments from your main google calendar directly on your device:

Read the full post over on the Google Mobile Blog: http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2011/06/three-new-updates-to-google-sync-for.html

Gorgeous Publishing Site April 26, 2011

Posted by Steven in In-Media, Innovation, The-Web.
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While reviewing the latest documents on the Energy transition towards renewable sources I came across a gorgeous (self-)publishing Site.


The overall media also responded quite positively to Issuu.

Presentation and design is just remarkable. It seems to work well on multiple platforms too. I will check it out in more detail – in the meantime if you have used it – share your experiences in comments.

Community Shopping in Germany November 18, 2009

Posted by Steven in Freetime, In-Media, Innovation, The-Web.
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Now as with many Internet-Hype topics the Germans are not the fastest people in the world to adopt this modern stuff.

In the last weeks however quite a large number of specific shopping concepts turned up in the German Webspace. Some sites focus on a Game and Shopping experience (aka Entertainment Shopping) where you have to play / fight for your bargain goods.

What has become widely popular even among my friends are shopping communities which offer a limited product range but very decent prices.

Here I have gathered some links to such shopping communities:

General Daily Series



coming soon…

Nokia E72 in the Works June 14, 2009

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Via an employee video uploaded to youtube.com the new Nokia E72 has been leaked. It is estimated that this smartphone successor of the E71 will see turn up for order in September 2009.

Here is what we know from the leak:

  • 5 Megapixel camera (with Carl Zeiss branding)
  • Relocated headphone jack – to the front left corner – possibly a 3.5mm jack
  • What looks to be an optical mouse instead / touch pad scroll device (in place as D-pad)
  • Relocated speaker (on the back next to the camera)

Here are some images and the video link curtesy of IntoMobile:









Update – The media already confirmed the launch of the Nokia E72 for Q3 2009 – and is already boiling high with speculations about the usability of the phone.. Also comparing it to the larger competitors like the Blackberry Tour.


Finally… Google Contacts as a separate App May 4, 2009

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Finally it is now possible to access the Google Contacts Manager as a separate application. This means you do not have to open your huge Gmail Inbox view in order to just quickly look up a friend’s phone number.

You can access the Google Contacts with this URL

Live from Moscow – with more geeky news April 24, 2009

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First of all… I am writing these lines from Moscow. Undoubtfully an amazing city. I had such great experiences here so it is almost impossible to write about all of that now.

So I just decided not to write about Moscow specifically now. I am waiting for our great pictures anyway. So I am writing more geeky news which are kind-of important to me.

So Gmail: Everybody loves Google’s e-mail service. And I also think it is a great tool to use. Maybe Apple’s Mobile Me service may eventually become more important for me. But for now I am a Gmail user. As such I wondered if you can create aliases to fight of some automatically generated mail that you may need sometimes but can ignore most of the times.

And: Yes you can. This excellent post on the official Gmail Blog explains that you can add ‘dots’ and plus signs in your mail address and you basically have your alias.

The plus for example is useful to add random words to your address. You can easily use the newly created address in filters and tell those mailing lists addresses like:

Your real name: gmailuser@gmail.com
Your name for electronic mail that you don’t want to read always: gmailuser+lists@gmail.com

I think that is a very nice feature for getting your mail sorted automatically.


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