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Link your Dropbox account to mailbox app and earn 1GB free space August 18, 2013

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Another free space offer by Dropbox.

Download the iOS App “Mailbox” (recently acquired by Dropbox) and set it up with any of your Gmail accounts. Then go to settings and link your Dropbox account. You will receive 1GB free space instantly.




Live from Moscow – with more geeky news April 24, 2009

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First of all… I am writing these lines from Moscow. Undoubtfully an amazing city. I had such great experiences here so it is almost impossible to write about all of that now.

So I just decided not to write about Moscow specifically now. I am waiting for our great pictures anyway. So I am writing more geeky news which are kind-of important to me.

So Gmail: Everybody loves Google’s e-mail service. And I also think it is a great tool to use. Maybe Apple’s Mobile Me service may eventually become more important for me. But for now I am a Gmail user. As such I wondered if you can create aliases to fight of some automatically generated mail that you may need sometimes but can ignore most of the times.

And: Yes you can. This excellent post on the official Gmail Blog explains that you can add ‘dots’ and plus signs in your mail address and you basically have your alias.

The plus for example is useful to add random words to your address. You can easily use the newly created address in filters and tell those mailing lists addresses like:

Your real name: gmailuser@gmail.com
Your name for electronic mail that you don’t want to read always: gmailuser+lists@gmail.com

I think that is a very nice feature for getting your mail sorted automatically.

MacBook Pro Firmware Topic October 18, 2008

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For the first Macintosh computer in my life was a

MacBook Pro 15 inch (Late 2008) model

Although the device is loved very much – it did cause a couple of issues in the beginning. And I must say I am a bit disappointed of the build quality of modern Mac computers. My issues were: graphics hang-ups and Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT black screen errors and issues during firmware and software updates.

Also I noticed the following hardware build issues:

  • The hinges are really week – just personally I do not believe the hinges will sustain 3 years of usage.
  • There were scratches (tiny but scratches) on my unibody case (next to the ports and battery button)
  • The lower plate covering the bottom of the laptop is held in place by 4 screws on top. One of the 4 screws was not all the way in giving the device a physical bump on that point and also looking ugly.
  • For a 2500+$ Laptop I would seriously expect better

For the Firmware issue I observed there seems to be a solution which MacBook Pro owners should memorize (in order to avoid panic). There are several resources describing the correct steps and pre-cautions for updating the MacBook Pro’s Firmware:


When the firmware fails this is not necessary a sign for permanent failure. Click Restart normally or cold-restart your Mac. Do not press-and-hold the power button of the Mac. Eventually the Mac will beep 9 times (3 short, 3 long, 3 short – the tones will be played once and do not repeat. During the tones the power LED may blink but blinking does repeat eventually). Do not touch the Mac. The Mac will attempt to recover to an older version of the EFI Firmware. During this process the LED may continue to blink. The Process may take up to 30-60seconds. After the process you may retry the firmware update taking Apples precautions into account.

Find your luggage… January 29, 2008

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I know it’s stupid but I am happy about it so I will note this down anyway. I am fighting my way through metropolitan cities of the world and I have been looking for a decent companion to do that with. Sometimes I take a backpack, sometimes I just grab one of the nice store paper bags. But it was clear I needed metropolitan proof luggage to accompany me.

During this year’s winter closing sale I found one specimen that looked just fine. I picked a duffel bag style weekender from hugo boss – red label. It is slightly different from the one pictured because it came from the autumn collection 2007. It’s price was heavily reduced so I did not care. It has brown adjustable handles and it is entirely made of soft black and brown calf skin.

Hugo Boss - Red Label - Spring 2007 - Weekender

Checking out: TheMindGym January 17, 2008

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I recently received an e-mail from the MindGym. Some thriving company to deliver costly manager and high-potential training. It seems like an interesting proposition. Developing story.. Let me know what you think about it.

Christmas is More December 21, 2007

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I guess it’s here. The inevitable merry Christmas is knocking on my door again. I will try my best to get into the mood but right now it doesn’t feel so ‘merry’. Well anyway. The good thing is that it’s this part of the year where we’ll get in touch again – where we tell each other briefly how we have been and where we check who really is looking after us. So I do wish my readers merry Christmas and a great start for 2008.

Merry Christmas

Writing HTML in a Confluence Page December 7, 2007

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Exceptionally much source code and source code instructions this week. But what can I say.. It’s a working atmosphere here.

The following wiki extract shows you how to insert html source code into a Confluence page.

Confluence Wiki Extract - HTML Macro

Random Evaluation Questions November 26, 2007

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Here are some random questions by third parties, used to assess career opportunities / career strategies. The possibilities to answer these questions range from: 1 to 6, 1 is never true, 6 is always true. Between: 2 and 3 occasionally true, 4 -5 likely to be true. And here come the questions:

Automatic online testing form

WordPress Advanced Formatting Toolbar October 8, 2007

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To show the wordpress advanced formatting toolbar a user would have to do the following:

Windows users : alt-shift-v (Firefox) or alt-v (Internet Explorer)
Mac Users : ctrl-v

  • This allows you to:
  • Set a color for any of your text / word passages
  • Set headings
  • Insert special characters with just one click
  • Use undo / redo functionalities

of course this functionality only works in the wordpress rich editing mode.


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