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Brainstorming: Breakfast in Berlin July 7, 2014

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B Breakfast

I was asked recently – what is a good place in Berlin to have breakfast? Mhh – I thought about it and I concluded that I had so many fabulous breakfasts in our great capitol that it’s hard to give a recommendation.

I browsed through old photos and old memories and here is what I came up with:

Mitte – Barcomis

Prenzlauer Berg – Bar Gagarin

Kreuzberg – Morena Bar

Mitte – Spreegold 

Mitte – Gugelhof

Kreuzberg – Tomasa Villa





Picking up on places to go to: Frankfurt Maxie Eisen January 22, 2014

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Places Illustration

Recently brought to my attention: Apparently the New York Times mentioned in a segment tagged places to go 2014 the NYT mentiones Frankfurt Germany on position 12.

Explicitly they seem to be excited about the renewed trendiness of the “Bahnhofs”-quarter. Maxie Eisen is mentioned as a deli style café and a buzzing bar at night.


That place totally seems worth a look. Also mentioned is the Pan-Asian restaurant Moriki and Spanish inspired place Lamoraga. I passed by both of these places recently and they totally seem over-hyped.

Heimat – Frankfurt, Berliner Str. 70 March 22, 2012

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Places Illustration

One recommendation you cannot miss out on.. right in the  – I call it – alternative centre of Frankfurt you now find the fine wine restaurant “Heimat”. They have their own wine chef and a nice high class flair.

URL:  http://www.heimat-frankfurt.com/



And I thought of: ‘Swimming’ October 31, 2011

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It happened again. And it happened in Amsterdam on the 30th of October 2011. I don’t really wish to go into any more details. But I feel I must attempt to describe how I felt during this amazing party night from 5 to 2.

It started with an absolute unbearable tension building up to the event. Regular visitors were getting in touch with me and dropped the one or other detail leading to an overall mosaic of a picture. Nothing like the real thing. I was generally coming very much unprepared. So last minute shopping had to be done which also did not go very straight forward. Finally we had all supplies together and I still was excited. Then we had to wander through the busiest street of Amsterdam that Sunday – and we had to get our outfits on right there. I felt like s***.

Well believe you me. We got in. Safely. Sound. Already half deaf. Straight on to the restrooms. Deep breath. I felt good. I mean the crowd was already a bit crazy. You have never seen so much naked skin around good old English Tea Time. Well off to the first round. We wandered around and checked out the multiple floors. Status at that time: Lounge empty, hard house floor empty. Main floor and rotunda: packed. We trotted around the rotunda for a while – I mean seriously… It was just early afternoon. Well but we know the boys. Just can’t start early enough :) so the first drinks were quickly ordered and downed :) . So then everything began to blur. For me actually not so much. Because of all the tension up front I already felt a bit blurry. But save all the speculation of course I was not prone to the effects of the first drinks. We took it easy and danced slowly. Then I got hit. I felt so awful. All measures of care were not working anymore.. I felt so hot. I was burning up and in a matter of one minute or so, I was wet – from head to toe. I was about to say to myself (no; actually I said to myself) “go” – “let’s leave in 20mins”. I repositioned myself. Fortunately the strange effects wore off quickly and I was able to cope with the situation. In the end I was lucky to feel a high cold breeze every 5 minutes or so. That made me quite happy and quite comfortable.

My eyes opened for the first time. The room became larger. And I realized movement and people around me. Something snapped and I found strong affection for the exotic type. Time passed quickly chances formed were let passed and were turned to gold. Sometimes ruined too. When I asked myself .. what is really important.. what do you really make out of this? Then I thought to myself: Swimming. Swimming is important.

And that’s how it was. The actual touch was unimportant; the quality to convince or time the strategy of any person to go home with you (or just upstairs) was unimportant. The big event and your friends were important; and… swimming.


La Maison Du Pain January 7, 2008

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La Maison Du Pain

Here is another one worth translating and worth visiting: “La Maison Du Pain” (The House of the bread) is a sweet little bakery shop / café in Frankfurt. As the name suggests it is a very French stylish brasserie. You can probably get the best French “baguette” of Frankfurt in this nice little place. They have very limited seating space but it is a wonderful café to have breakfast on Sundays. Nevertheless you have to factor in that it’s also very expensive. On of the aspects I like most about the concept: It is very successful and the plan to open another place like that right here in Sachsenhausen (opening will be approximately April 2008).

You can get your “baguette” right now in the popular Oeder Weg of Frankfurt.


Die Kuh die Lacht January 7, 2008

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Another nice place to be “Die Kuh die Lacht” literally translated to the cow that smiles is a sort-of fancy little burger bar. It was much hyped and for a town like Frankfurt I guess the burger bar is something new. It is a nice place and they make good burgers but there is no reason why you should hype this place. The plain little room has stylish decorations and very solid wooden tables. Nothing special, nothing exciting.

Frankfurt’s one and only burger bar is located north of Hauptwache right next to the Boerse (stock exchange).


Places: Exil Restaurant Frankfurt December 17, 2007

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Your Personal Exile

Located north of our popular downtown district this very tiny restaurant delivers Germany’s finest cuisine. Very nice people and friendly staff is looking after you. Make a reservation and enjoy a wonderful evening with tasty food.


Im Herzen Afrikas December 5, 2007

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Places Illustration

This translates literally to: In the heart of Africa. You can find all information here: http://www.im-herzen-afrikas.de/

There is a Christmas celebration scheduled to happen there and some important colleagues will show up as well.

The Standard Cafés May 21, 2007

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Places Illustration

Nothing fancy here. Just a list with standard places where you can eat, drink and sit nicely. Suitable for business lunches and other stuff. The page features pretty mainstream – American style pubs and cafés. Nothing that particularly thrills you very much. Nevertheless: Good places where you might want to go for a beer or a burger after your shocking shopping experiences.


Restaurants and Cafés in Frankfurt May 8, 2007

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Places Illustration

Well I know Frankfurt is a very difficult place. But there are some nice restaurants and cafés out there. A good website that introduces many of them is linked below.

I will keep you posted on my voyages through the medium, ugly city. And as I experience more places – reviews will become available under this places label.



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