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Quest for the perfect portable notebook February 18, 2008

Posted by Steven in The-Web, Wishlist.
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After the announcement of the Mac Book Air I thought that was quite a piece of technology. I mean after all it’s world’s the thinnest notebook.

But soon it became obvious that there are a lot of compromises involved when you become an owner of the MBA. Now Lenovo has thrown it’s hat in the ring for the battle around the perfect notebook. The new X300 has the same display size and it does fit in one of these office envelopes as well. The wonderfull thing is: It includes a dvd burner, 3 usb ports and an ethernet port right away. Much better then the 1 (one) usb port and nothing else in the MBA. First specs and looks are available here:


PCPro (5 out of 6 shiny stars)

CNET (8.5 out of 10 golden trinkets)

Notebook Review (“big thumbs up”)

Excitement Coverup:



Engadget Engadget Review Roundup


Good and Bad: New Ideas From Apple January 16, 2008

Posted by Steven in In-Media, Innovation, The-Web, Wishlist.

It is highly unusual for me and for this forum to publish or even hype the new products that Apple Inc. (only formerly Apple Computer Inc.) manages to throw out every now and then. I must stress that you have to be very objective when you judge the real products (including their prices etc.). In many cases Apple perfects existing ideas but lacks to present any true innovations. In other cases the innovations are there, but the hype is just to large. Take the iPhone for example. Undoubtfully a great product. Nevertheless: Why does the sms client stop working after storing a total of 1.000 messages? Why is the iPhone incapable of sending MMS (Multimedia Messages)? And so on.

Nevertheless I am a design addict and I do observe El Jobsos (Steve Jobs’) announcements – although I really try to not become exited but simply to judge the presented content objectively. The keynote held yesterday comes on a particular special time for me. I am highly interested in mobile Email and mobile organizing, messaging and internet operations. I had the iPhone in my hands and I think this is a very interesting product. With the mandatory contracts however it is far too expensive. Another option would be a nice subnotebook. I have looked at Sony’s TZ series, the new Dell tablet and others but there not really light enough to have them with you all the time and some are still too expensive for a laptop and they lack certain features.

Now Apple jumps in. And I have to say, the did a great job again. The new Apple Mac Book Air is Apple’s answer to the subnotebook market. It is only 1,94 cm thick (thickest part). It weights only 1,36 kg. It has a full size 1280×800 pixel 13,3 inch display with LED backlight. It runs Mac OS X Leopard and some unconfirmed sources claim it can safely boot Windows as well using the included boot camp. The Mac Book Air focuses on wireless techniques and includes a high speed WLAN and Bluetooth interface. Unfortunately Apple did not manage to squeeze in an optical drive.

Nevertheless this seems to be a well designed mobile wireless device. I think that would be the perfect toy for watching some movies in a train and checking emails in a coffee shop.

This wonderful item is also on my wishlist.

Books December 17, 2007

Posted by Steven in Wishlist.
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  • “Als wir träumten” by Clemens Meyer
    For Example here…
  • “Options, Futures and Other Derivatives” by John C. Hull.
    For Example here…
  • “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen.
    For Example here…

Digital Camera (Canon, Olympus, Lumix) October 29, 2007

Posted by Steven in Wishlist.
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Done Done Done
I got one now :-) The all new Lumix FX35 with HDTV support is mine now.

  • Eine digitale Kompaktkamera (sie macht gute Bilder, und sollte von einer verlässlichen Marke stammen)

Zum Beispiel die Canon Digital IXUS 860. Derzeit erhältlich bei Amazon.de für ca. 280 Euro. Direkt hier kaufen…

Zur Zeit zählen folgende Modelle zu meinen Favouriten:

Fujifilm FinePix F50fd: Tests hier. Und bei CNET. Kaufen hier.

Canon Digital Ixus 860IS: Tests hier. Kaufen hier.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX55EG: Tests hier. Kaufen hier.
Buy it in the U.S. and use it internationally according to Lumix FAQ.


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