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Brainstorming: Breakfast in Berlin July 7, 2014

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B Breakfast

I was asked recently – what is a good place in Berlin to have breakfast? Mhh – I thought about it and I concluded that I had so many fabulous breakfasts in our great capitol that it’s hard to give a recommendation.

I browsed through old photos and old memories and here is what I came up with:

Mitte – Barcomis

Prenzlauer Berg – Bar Gagarin

Kreuzberg – Morena Bar

Mitte – Spreegold 

Mitte – Gugelhof

Kreuzberg – Tomasa Villa





Time For Berlin Again May 6, 2010

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For a very special reason and with very special people I would now like to plan for another visit in gorgeous Berlin. The city which gives me inspiration like no other (well maybe London). Berlin is young, artistic, beautiful .. well just wonderful.

The route on which we will be traveling looks like this (start towards the west).

Our Refugio

This is what it’s all about:


additional resources (fyi):

Berlin Time for Lonesome Individualism October 4, 2009

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The time of ‘Golden’ October 2009 and the German Holiday to celebrate the reunion of East and West perfectly set the stage for another visit to the capital.

With great tam tam and with only little stress I have arrived in the inspirational capital on October the 2nd. I met Thomas and friends dropped off the bags, grabbed a coffee and then immediately joined the party scene of “Schöneberg” for a “Greek Party”. Quite an odd experience that was – but very much fun. We were singing cheesy songs, dancing, drinking and later on we were even joining the crowd in destroying old dishes (which were handed out for the public’s amusement).

The night night was dominated by a quick visit to Ingo’s new house. He had already killed a couple of Vodka bottles and so did the rest of the audience. I met Patrick (from Salzburg) there.

The Saturday started off quite interesting. It was a slow morning with a quick shopping tour to Berlin’s main train station (the crowd was crazy because pretty much that station was the only spot with open stores). But after I got that out of the way it was again a nice relaxing morning.

For the late mid of the day I had a fitness meeting planned at yet another of these awful fitness first temples. It actually turned out to be a very interesting activity. With my tired eyes it was medium-effective workout but I met with Marcel there and the joint communication in the lower levels of the building proved again to be quite inspirational.

After some tweening time in between I fought my way through to the “Wedding“. There I enjoyed the fun feeling at the “German House” again and had to use the time with friends to re-install 2 original Macs. It was fun and fortunately it all went well.

Two Taxi rides and the feeling that Berlin is really big brought me back to my favorite “Prenzlauer Berg” where I enjoyed Thomas’ birthday party! My friends were scratching with their feet on the pavement while I was singing “Cowboy und Indianer” with Nicole. Off we went to the Schwuz party (which was quite horrid) and then left all remaining friends to go alone with Lukas to “Kino International“. The parties itself: mediocre. We could have left that out. What’s nice was that we met Roy again who looked good as always.

I actually slept at Lukas’ that night and I must say it was relaxed and casual as always. The next Sunday was covered with Sunbeams and a Coffee-Shop to Coffee-Shop tour. It was very nice. The talks were deep and made me think about everything – live – love – future – past and all what’s important.

And with fellow Berliners we have seen the giants.

What struck me after that nice Sunday and after that weekend in general – the time in Berlin and the life of the Berliners seemed more lonesome than ever! By choice or not the people I have seen the people I have met they run around hectic and plagued by communication over-kill but they never really seem to arrive. I had endless conversations about the past with the one and only experience and about unrealistic expectations of the future.. But what about the ‘now’? Now everyone is busy, everyone knows everyone… But it seems just a stage in between stages.

At least I have seen: No new families. No peer-groups that last and no people who step back and really spend time with each other.

Maybe it was just because I myself was running around squeezing many activities into one short weekend. But it really did get me thinking.

In the end: Berlin was again a kick and an inspiration for me! And my old capital left a slightly bitter aftertaste. Which in turn is just as much contributing to the whole experience.


Berlin Selbsporträt January 29, 2009

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My Favourite… June 26, 2008

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… hate love relationship. Berlin. City of amazing people, city of amazing experiences. I do sort of have the gut feeling that this time you are going to fail me. But the last two years (and of course the years before that) have been wonderful.

It was always quick, sometimes dirty, it was always different than planned and it always involved a massive amount of fun and the feeling of no regrets.

Despite all difficulties in recent times I would like to use that short moment now to pay a little tribute to this glorious city.

Berlin Mitte, Backyard, Mood Lighting

Mood of the City. East. Mitte.

Berlin\'s West near U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz

Berlin U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz Berlin West

Berlin Bus West Berlin at the Verge of the East

U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz Berlin West Inside

I am going to visit again. In fact soon. And what a coincidence… On that soon coming date there will be a certain mass demonstration going on in the city, accompanied by tons of parties and so forth.

This year everything is different and the freakin’ European Soccer Championship thing is also going on in the city. It’s gonna be interesting when soccer fans and fans of that mass movement mix.

The very unfortunate thing is that we need to change the route. No longer can the trucks go directly from Potsdamer Platz throught the government quarter up to Siegessäule. This way is blocked by the UEFA fan area and tons of soccer both.

Organizers put it in a very positive way.. And I am quite tempted to agree: In the past the demonstration route was alwayas going by a large portion through the western part of berlin. Nicer parts but western parts. This time we will take a huge lap through the eastern and cool uprising part of Berlin. In the end we are going to end up at Siegessäule but lets see.

The complete route was snagged by city officials and can be downloaded here.

All official information can be found here.

Muji is coming to Berlin. January 13, 2008

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There are always a number of more or less cool stores which you will find in every bigger metropolis. Globalization gave the people of Prague, London, Berlin and Paris a Marc O’Polo store, Luis Vuitton and Zara stores.

One of the cooler progressive stores came from Japan. Amongst those there is certainly Muji. Muji manufactures several useful things for everyday life. From the pencil sharpener to the bathrobe. Muji will open doors in Berlin very soon! I am certainly looking forward to it.

Another very cool store is Uni Qlo but that one is not coming to Berlin yet.

Muji Products and Logo

Roundup: Pre-New-Years White Party in Berlin January 7, 2008

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Paris Hilton was there! So and now guess what that implies: I walked on the same floors as Paris. In my background coverage you can find out that Paris introduced her new charity project in Berlin where she would like to have ships tow icebergs to desert regions in order to provide water to the ones in need.

Well anyway. Between the years around December 28th I teleported myself to Berlin and attended the White Party at Bangaluu Club. Of course I did not wear white. One of the fancy drag queens tried to talk me into one of those tiny little top things with no sleeves and a manhunt logo on it. I managed to get around that as you can see.

Still The Best October 14, 2007

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Berghain Berlin


Panoramabar Upstairs





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