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Silverlight / AMD Catalyst Issue – Graphics device’s driver certificate is invalid 6036 January 4, 2014

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Once again a story of woe. With regards to my secondary PC/entertainment setup I outlined here, that I had basically two important needs: I need to have a fitting picture for my Toshiba HDTV = needing a graphics driver to set underscanning / scaling to 0 and I need a perfect software/driver setup so I can instantly watch DVB-T television. Okay with my very specific setup between the “right” AMD Catalyst Driver and all the other software I have achieved these two needs.

Now slowly a third need emerged. Not quite as high priority but well. I recently tried out watchever.de and now I am trying lovefilm.de. Both are Video on Demand services extremely similar to netflix or hulu plus. Both services use a Silverlight player with heavy DRM measures.

And the basic issue now is: Something is wrong in the setup between Silverlight, my PC, the graphics driver or any other component that has a part in playing a video.

I have tried all the suggested steps to fixing faulty silverlight playback. A lot of websites are mentioning something like this:

Well none of these common techniques helped in my case. I must also mention in Watchever there was no specific error message. But fortunately in Lovefilm something was shown. It reads:

Title not available. System Exception: 6036 An Error has occurred.

Well that is at least something. If you read up on it.. Microsoft is clearly saying something is wrong on the DRM side. In fact the specific description of 6036 on Microsofts Dev Net reads:

Graphics device’s Driver Certificate is invalid.

Oh man. Other people say that the encrypted (HDCP) path between graphics card and Screen/HDTV is not valid or there is something wrong in that line of encryption. I quickly verified that my system is generally fully HDCP compliant by using the Cyberlink BD 3D Advisor. It’s a handy utility which checks pretty much everything related to Blu-Ray playback on your PC (and HDCP and driver stuff is an important part of it). Well no issue here on my PC.

So graphics driver.. I use the AMD Catalyst Package 12.10 for my Radeon HD 6800. Should be okay. Quick web search: I am not the only one having this issue. It really seems some messy dirty corner between the AMD driver and Silverlight. Somehow causing the Silverlight DRM stuff to thing there is something wrong and playback should not start. Absolutely horrible. I poked around tried some stuff (i.e. reinstalling Playready components and reinstalling Windows Media Player none of which helped!).

So for now the only Solution I found: uninstall the Catalyst Drivers for example with the build in installer or with the AMD Cleanup Utility. Once completely uninstalled restart your system and then open Lovefilm Netflix or whatever. Voila the Video plays with no issue. But: of course with no proper AMD driver (maybe Windows picked some generic driver or you are just seeing some sort of 800x resolution). Just for fun I tried a lot of Driver combinations Catalyst 11.5 – 13.3 but none of these would work for me.

So summary: If you have the 6036 issue – All the web seems to know right now is that it’s an issue. If you’re really desperate you can uninstall the driver and the Silverlight DRM videos will play. But with no proper graphics drivers this is not a permanent solution rather a quick fix.


German ISPs to monitor volume and cap bandwidth October 10, 2013

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There are recent discussions in Germany: Triggered by biggest German telecommunications service provider volume caps shall be introduced for regular DSL internet contracts.

I would like to keep an eye on this movement in this developing post. Especially interesting: what is the current status and which big telecom providers plan to introduce caps.


  • Kabel Deutschland
  • Already uses caps
  • Details: If a user loads more than 10 GB per day, then the bandwidth for file sharing use cases (peer to peer file sharing and share hosting file sharing) will be reduced for the rest of the day to 100 KBit/s
  • Introduction: currently the cap is in place with a daily allowance of 60 GB – the strict 10 GB rule will be rolled out soon
  • Source: http://www.kabeldeutschland.de/internet-telefon/
  • Additionally – there are reports that the overall bandwidth of Kabel Deutschland gets reduced unless a speed testing site is opened, source: http://stadt-bremerhaven.de/kabel-deutschland-mit-absichtlicher-handbremse/




FileSharing: Zeugen werden hoch bewertet! November 12, 2012

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Nach einem aktuellen Beitrag bei Heise Online sind Zeugenaussagen auch wichtig bei Prozessen rund um vorgeblich rechtswidrigen FileSharing.

Product Watch List from CES 2012 January 10, 2012

Posted by Steven in gadgets, In-Media, Innovation.
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Here are a couple of newly introduced products to watch out for:

Samsung Camera WB850F


D-Link All-in-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505)

  • lightweight
  • Wireless-N router, network repeater
  • USB recharger
  • Media streamer (with an external HDD)
  • 75 USD


Samsung Series 7 Monitor

  • integrated TV Tuner
  • 1080p
  • Wireless connectivity (strange interfaces though)
  • brilliant computer monitor


Elgato Portable Thunderbolt Drive 120/240

  • Portable / no power brick
  • SSD quick and should be durable
  • Pricey 399euro and up


Tethering Contemplations April 16, 2011

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Recently we have detected some stricter rules how Apple enforces installing one of the supported carrier profiles / preference bundles. This also means.. even if you are jailbroken it is very likely that iTunes will install one of these preferences / carrier bundles during a backup/restore or during sync.

Then consequently if your carrier opted for it: Tethering may be blocked (including the new hotspot feature in iOS 4.3.1).

With this post I want to gather my thoughts and web knowledge how to bypass these restrictions (given you’re jailbroken you should have full control over your device).

First Idea:

Install TetherMe via Cydia. http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/2010/08/15/tetherme-brings-native-tethering-to-the-iphone/

Second Idea:

Install CommCenter Patches for your iPhone and iOS version and then install a custom Carrier Bundle which allows tethering.

Third Idea:

follow this guide:


and revert to the Unknown Carrier Profile which has no restrictions.

Specifically designed ultra-portables… June 4, 2008

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Due to recent trademark related discussions I renamed this post and will try not to use the term netbook anymore. As this terms trademark is owned by psion teklogix.

Needless to say that these items (at least one of them) are also on my wishlist!
MSI Wind Product Color Change Wave 1
I am a fellow and faithful gadget online magazine reader. It feels like these publications have been buzzing since a long time about the topic of netbooks. Actually these netbooks are only available since about 6 month.
Asus Eee PC 1000 eventually a future model of ASUS
ASUS was so genius to start this niche product line again. Apple tried earlier but did not really succeed. And now with the Mac Book Air we have a sort of netbook but it does not quite have the price of a regular netbook.
Acerone acer\'s new netbook
Netbooks supposedly are smaller notebooks (8-11inch screens) with rather weak specs. But they have excellent mobility, excellent connectivity and usually a reasonable price.
I think they are definitely nice to carry around with you and I think the Mac Book Air should wrap up or at least make it cheaper. I am definitely planning a trip to the US again and if I feel like it I will return with a $300 netbook. How about the pink one?
Acerone acer\'s new netbook


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