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Excitement x 170.000 July 14, 2013

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For the first time ever.. I will be attending a big festival.. I will actually camp in site for three full days. Everybody recommended Tomorrowland.. so this is what we will do.

Only two more weeks and round about 170.000 people to go. I am getting excited.

Anyone who has any festival survival tipps.. leave’em in the comment.



Skyfall Fever / Royal Doulton Bulldog November 6, 2012

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Spoiler Alert! Nowadays everyone is talking about “Skyfall” the Sam Mendes incarnation of the 23rd James Bond mission. After some hardships I was able to check out this movie. It is well made and very entertaining. It is not groundbreaking but it is a very nice firework of images and good old cool James Bond wit and action. Whether you expect the shaken Martini, beautiful women or magnificent action scenes.. you will not be disappointed.

With the gifting season upcoming – I would like to focus on a neat little Bond prop that you may want to check out. The vintage Royal Doulton Bulldog.

But first let’s explore how this collectible comes to fame during the movie.

After returning from an important meeting M (played by Judy Dench) and her aide Bill Tanner (played by Rory Kinnear) must stop due to some police action on the Vauxhall Bridge shortly before the MI6 headquarter. In the meantime MI6 is under some sort of cyber-attack and just when M gets out of the car an explosion occurs in the headquarter. The explosion’s focal point is right where M’s office is.

Later in the movie M talks to James in new underground offices of MI6.

During the talk James makes a joke.

J: How come your office gets hit by an explosion and all that survives is that ugly piece. (he points to the bulldog which decorated her desk before and is now present on her new replacement desk as well)

M: I have always appreciated your decorating advise.

Much later during the movie Bond meets Eve somewhere downtown London. Eve mentions that M’s will was read and she hands him a box which M wanted him to have.

Bond opens the box and finds the bulldog inside. He smiles and notes that this does not mean he should work behind a desk. In fact, he supposes it means the opposite.

Now I find that symbolism surrounding the bulldog quite intriguing. And the best part is: It is quite a cute little object and you can order it directly at the Doulton website. So here you find the perfect Christmas present for Bond lovers.

Bulldog at the Royal Doulton Website…

Wishlist: Nespresso Aeroccino 3 October 2, 2012

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It’s that kind of season again. I am gathering my thoughts to find presents for friends and to tell the family what things I desire.

Today I was thinking about perfect coffee recipes.. So what can best help with that: a milk foam / milk froth machine. I.e. the quite reasonably priced Nespresso Aeroccino 3.

Up for order directly at Nespresso.com for only ca. 70€.

Long Term Value September 7, 2012

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If you split up the web and check what engine is powering which site – then you quickly find out that around 17% of the world’s websites are powered by wordpress.

Forbes recently published a very interesting story about the development of wordpress and the inception of “automattic” – the company driving wordpress.com.

The article neatly describes how automattic as the company behind wordpress (and still a huge supporter of open source wordpress.org) grew slowly and always focused on the core ideas of wordpress. Several opportunities were presented to Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider – the co-founders of the company – to cash out but they refused.

Even though the user base grew and many many sites rely on wordpress they still balance out the movement of open source compared to making money and focus on a small modern company.

As a personal interpretation I find this focus on long term value remarkable. So many .com companies are born and quickly sold for many millions. Then investors dissect the core idea behind the original product and a potential evolution is stopped.

I hope the evolution of wordpress yet continues for many more years!

Wunderbar June 29, 2012

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Ouh no! We are back. Back from amazing and wonderful 8 days on Ibiza! And being back doesn’t feel right. This was really one of the best (if not the best) holiday in my life. It was a ride. A rush. Amazing people.. such a good mood.. such a positive spirit. Really everything was perfect.

I am missing the guys I am missing the villa and I even miss our stray cat gavin.

My smile goes down and I am sad when I am thinking about the grey everyday now. I want to be back on amazing Ibiza with my amazing friends. Let’s do this again. Let’s travel together again soon! Lov to you guys!

Tranquil Soundtrack of the Weekend May 25, 2012

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Well we have the long memorial day ahead of us and what better could there be than a good tranquil moby soundtrack to go with it? Here we go:


I watched ‘Candy’ last night… November 23, 2011

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And I thought of: ‘Swimming’ October 31, 2011

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It happened again. And it happened in Amsterdam on the 30th of October 2011. I don’t really wish to go into any more details. But I feel I must attempt to describe how I felt during this amazing party night from 5 to 2.

It started with an absolute unbearable tension building up to the event. Regular visitors were getting in touch with me and dropped the one or other detail leading to an overall mosaic of a picture. Nothing like the real thing. I was generally coming very much unprepared. So last minute shopping had to be done which also did not go very straight forward. Finally we had all supplies together and I still was excited. Then we had to wander through the busiest street of Amsterdam that Sunday – and we had to get our outfits on right there. I felt like s***.

Well believe you me. We got in. Safely. Sound. Already half deaf. Straight on to the restrooms. Deep breath. I felt good. I mean the crowd was already a bit crazy. You have never seen so much naked skin around good old English Tea Time. Well off to the first round. We wandered around and checked out the multiple floors. Status at that time: Lounge empty, hard house floor empty. Main floor and rotunda: packed. We trotted around the rotunda for a while – I mean seriously… It was just early afternoon. Well but we know the boys. Just can’t start early enough :) so the first drinks were quickly ordered and downed :) . So then everything began to blur. For me actually not so much. Because of all the tension up front I already felt a bit blurry. But save all the speculation of course I was not prone to the effects of the first drinks. We took it easy and danced slowly. Then I got hit. I felt so awful. All measures of care were not working anymore.. I felt so hot. I was burning up and in a matter of one minute or so, I was wet – from head to toe. I was about to say to myself (no; actually I said to myself) “go” – “let’s leave in 20mins”. I repositioned myself. Fortunately the strange effects wore off quickly and I was able to cope with the situation. In the end I was lucky to feel a high cold breeze every 5 minutes or so. That made me quite happy and quite comfortable.

My eyes opened for the first time. The room became larger. And I realized movement and people around me. Something snapped and I found strong affection for the exotic type. Time passed quickly chances formed were let passed and were turned to gold. Sometimes ruined too. When I asked myself .. what is really important.. what do you really make out of this? Then I thought to myself: Swimming. Swimming is important.

And that’s how it was. The actual touch was unimportant; the quality to convince or time the strategy of any person to go home with you (or just upstairs) was unimportant. The big event and your friends were important; and… swimming.


My Favourite… June 26, 2008

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… hate love relationship. Berlin. City of amazing people, city of amazing experiences. I do sort of have the gut feeling that this time you are going to fail me. But the last two years (and of course the years before that) have been wonderful.

It was always quick, sometimes dirty, it was always different than planned and it always involved a massive amount of fun and the feeling of no regrets.

Despite all difficulties in recent times I would like to use that short moment now to pay a little tribute to this glorious city.

Berlin Mitte, Backyard, Mood Lighting

Mood of the City. East. Mitte.

Berlin\'s West near U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz

Berlin U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz Berlin West

Berlin Bus West Berlin at the Verge of the East

U-Bahn Station Wittenbergplatz Berlin West Inside

I am going to visit again. In fact soon. And what a coincidence… On that soon coming date there will be a certain mass demonstration going on in the city, accompanied by tons of parties and so forth.

This year everything is different and the freakin’ European Soccer Championship thing is also going on in the city. It’s gonna be interesting when soccer fans and fans of that mass movement mix.

The very unfortunate thing is that we need to change the route. No longer can the trucks go directly from Potsdamer Platz throught the government quarter up to Siegessäule. This way is blocked by the UEFA fan area and tons of soccer both.

Organizers put it in a very positive way.. And I am quite tempted to agree: In the past the demonstration route was alwayas going by a large portion through the western part of berlin. Nicer parts but western parts. This time we will take a huge lap through the eastern and cool uprising part of Berlin. In the end we are going to end up at Siegessäule but lets see.

The complete route was snagged by city officials and can be downloaded here.

All official information can be found here.


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