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HEIF HEIC Converter for Windows December 13, 2017

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Apple seems to be aware that local storage on iPhones is mostly scarce. Recent iOS releases brought a number of improvements and more transparency regarding the storage management on iOS and iCloud.

I was quite surprised that Apple did not only pull of a couple of tricks regarding the display and management of storage but it even thought about the file formats that take up most of the space on an iPhone. For many people the storage fills up quickly by taking a lot of pictures. Apple looked at the way photos are stored (usually in .JPG format) and jumped in to change that format on iPhones.

The new modern file format  HEIF was specially designed by Apple to efficiently store a lot of photos and save this precious storage space.

Now the downside of this great change is – that the format and the usage of this efficient image storage system is right now an isolated Apple thing. iPhones do a good job in letting you post to Instagram and Facebook – handling the conversions in the background. But when you use old fashioned cables to access or copy files off your phone than you might get stuck with a file that your Computer can’t open.

To solve this some free tools are available: For Windows have a look at:


And for Macs there are also free tools available: https://imazing.com/heic

My view: give it a try and fear not: the move to efficient image formats is surely a great move for users. More space on your device.. more features like these neat live photos and just a bit of getting used to in your daily workflows.



Commute Apps Week 28 July 6, 2015

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The App Blender


I was using my regular commuter train to get to work today. It is really striking to see that nearly everyone on the train is using a smartphone or tablet. I went back in time in my head. Well the last month and weeks were always similar. Crowded trains with tons of people using smartphones.

It hasn’t been like that forever. Only in the last 5 to 6 years -or so- the smartphone has started to invade my conservative commuter trains.

Nowadays everywhere I look a bright and colorful screen smiles back at me (usually encased in one of the grey or black bars that represent our typical touch screen smartphone these days).

If I have the time I make a mental note of the device and App I see. And I thought why not make a blog post out of these anonymous observations.

Today was quite the usual train ride but still the plethora of Apps in use by my fellow passengers is intriguing. Todays mixed bag of Apps:


Candy Crush Saga

Google Play. App Store.

The swap-3-style game is still so popular! Today I have seen a grown business man using a full size 9.8-inch iPad and tapping away on the colorful candy crush screen. Fascinating.



Google Play. App Store.

It’s still amazing how many people are constantly tapping away on their Whatsapp virtual keyboard. Today I witnessed several guys using Android devices and some rather up to date version of Whatsapp (material design).


Words with Friends

Google Play. App Store.

A bit of a unicorn today: I have actually not very often spotted someone who uses words with friends. But today a gentleman was eagerly picking the right phrases for his ongoing matches.


Quick Tipp: iOutBank vollständig auf neuem iDevice einrichten November 30, 2013

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outbank2-150x150Ich nutze iOutBank. Außerdem bin ich ein großer Fan des mTan = mobile Tan Verfahrens. Dabei wird für die Legitimation einer Transaktion ein Code an eine vorher festgelegte Handy Nummer geschickt. Mit diesem Code gibt man dann die Transaktion (z.B. in iOutBank frei)

Auf meinem neuen iPad war leider dieses Verfahren noch nicht eingestellt (für mein relevantes Postbank Konto). Ich habe ein wenig gegoogelt aber leider nichts konkretes gefunden. Daher hier eine kurze Anleitung wie man auf einem neuen iDevice dieses TAN Verfahren wieder aktivieren kann.

Voraussetzungen: Konto welches mTan unterstützt – und die komplette Einrichtung des Kontos und des HBCI Zugriffs auf das Konto hat funktioniert.

  • Start von iOutBank
  • Oben links das Menü anwählen
  • Bankkontakte wählen
  • Auf die relevante Bank (zB Postbank oder Deutsche Bank tippen)
  • ganz nach unten scrollen
  • IMG_6012
  • Auf TAN-Verfahren tippen
  • Bestätigen dass der Verfahrenscode geändert werden soll
  • mTan Postbank Code wäre 901
  • Speichern
  • Unten auf Synchronisieren Tippen
  • Noch einmal auf TAN-Verfahren tippen
  • mobileTAN (901) antippen
  • Für Postbank nun beispielsweise Alphanumerische TANs auswählen
  • Dann sollte unter dem TAN Verfahren eine neue Zeile auftauchen: TAN-Medium
  • Dort kann die Handynummer ausgewählt werden die man vorher mit der Bank freigegeben hat



Workbench Project – Rely only on one Apple ID on my iDevices October 1, 2013

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I’ve recently had the pleasure to set up a new iPhone 5S for a friend of mine. I noticed that pretty early on during the on-device-setup it asked for your iCloud Apple ID (as you can see over at Ars..). Later on I discovered that using this Apple ID the system had pretty much tried to activate every service – so iMessage, Facetime, iCloud sync, Photo Stream etc. were all available relying on this Apple ID.

I started to think about my multipe IDs and I wondered: Wouldn’t it be cool to just have the one Apple ID and use it for all the services, thus having just one password? So I said: this is a nice little side-project.

Because I use iTunes longer than I used mobileMe – I had a Gmail address as my Apple ID for the stores and I had a nice mobileMe (and later on corresponding iCloud address) for my Contacts-, Calendar- and Photo Stream Sync and for things like find my iPhone etc.

Because most of my friends know the Gmail address, I used that one on Facetime and iMessage and so on.

Now the two ID method should vanish and I just want to have one Apple ID on my phone.

Which ID to choose?

For me the decision was fairly easy. My Gmail address based Apple ID was easy to use when communicating with friends (iMessage / Facetime) plus all my purchases in Apple’s digital stores are tied to that account – so I just had to pick my Gmail based Apple ID as the one and only ID.

I also thought about what kind of data is really 100% set in my other iCloud Apple ID. This boils down to a couple of documents in the cloud (nothing to write home about) and to my Photo Stream of round about the last 1000 photos (but these pictures exist elsewhere i.e. in my iPhoto library). Thus I said to myself there would be no issue in turning off the mobileMe based Apple ID.

What to do?

I dug around the internet and found a neat guide. Essentially I had to log off iCloud but keep things like contacts etc. on my iPhone. I then turned on iCloud with my Gmail based Apple ID. Plus I had to repeat all these steps on all iDevices and Macs I own.

Details with nice pictures are here:


What about email to the old iCloud / mobileMe addresses?

Well when I said I felt I can easily retire the mobileMe Apple ID – I should say it seemed feasible on the phone – but I definitely don’t want to loose these nice Email addresses. So I decided to keep the old ID around. Plus I used the iCloud web-interface to set up a forward of all emails to the mobileMe address to my Gmail address. It’s easy to do in Mail’s preferences. Another idea would be to simply set up the mail account via SMTP in any kind of Email program if necessary. Instructions are here.


If you do not love to have two IDs on the phone it is quite easy and straight forward to switch and use just one ID. You should beware and check where your purchases are linked to. iTunes in the Cloud is quite a neat feature allowing you to re-download apps etc. There are ways however to use Apps from several Apple IDs on one device the bad thing is then: should something happen to the device you cannot easily re-download the Apps from Apple.

So for me it worked. It was quite quick. The main challenge is to turn iCloud off and on again with the right timing (keeping in mind i.e. that in that moment you should not change a contact on your Mac etc.) – so if you have lots of devices connected to the internet this might be a bit cumbersome.

I unfortunately lost my Notes on the way (one possible reason could be that they are somehow tied to a SMTP folder in your iCloud email address). For me this was no big issue as I mainly use Simplenote and furthermore I was able to simply copy and paste the lost note via the Web Interface of my old mobileMe iCloud system.

iOS 7 – September 18th September 16, 2013

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Capture logo mask

The public release of iOS 7 (7.0.0) is around the corner. Apple announced that it will be available on September 18th. I dug around the internet to find out: exactly which of the wonderful new features I can expect on my older devices. Or better: which shiny new features are not available on iPad 3 etc.

So here it is: iOS 7 is compatible with the following devices:


  • iPhone
    • iPhone 5S
    • iPhone 5C
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 4S, but does not support:
      • Filters in Camera app
      • AirDrop
    • iPhone 4, but does not support:
      • All items from iPhone 4S, plus
      • Panoramic photos
      • Siri
  • iPad
    • Fourth-Generation iPad
    • Third-Generation iPad, but does not support:
      • Filters in Camera app
      • Panoramic photos
      • AirDrop
    • iPad 2, but does not support:
      • All items from 3rd Gen. iPad, plus
      • Filters in Photos app
      • Square photos and videos
      • Siri
    • iPad mini
  • iPod touch
    • 5th generation iPod touch

* The cover image for this article was taken from a lovely article – investigating the inspiration for Apple’s new iOS 7 icons and color styles.

Apple iOS 6.0 main features per device draw down.. October 25, 2012

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Follow this link (German) to understand which main iOS 6 features work on which device.


Tipp: Using the unified phone number in OS X Mountain Lion Messages App October 16, 2012

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this article describes how to manage the account unification with your phone number:


Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreak has been released! For iOS 5.1.1 devices! May 25, 2012

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The chronic dev team has released the new Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreak (untethered for iOS 5.1.1 devices). Yay! Thanks to the chronic dev team. All details on their website:


Third Party Information and How-To Guides:

Link: Stefan Esser Presentation regarding iOS Security March 15, 2012

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Dead Pixel Test October 18, 2011

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download all the following images – view them full screen and enlarged and check for dead pixels



Slideshare Gems for Early October 2011 October 13, 2011

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Hello again – we were browsing slideshare.net once more. And look what we’ve found:

iOS Exploits – focus on the plethora of iOS 4 devices and brief outlook on iOS 5:
Also find more amazing presentations from HITBSecConf on this archive site: http://conference.hitb.org/archives.html



Mistakes not to make / Learn from Tara Hunt and her startup:


Better and Better: Google Sync for iPhone updated June 20, 2011

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finally the Exchange implementation of Google Sync for iPhone and iPad got updated so you can now accept and decline appointments from your main google calendar directly on your device:

Read the full post over on the Google Mobile Blog: http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2011/06/three-new-updates-to-google-sync-for.html


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