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Issues on Android: Gallery App and Google+ Instant Upload March 21, 2013

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Google seems to tweak their photo services. If you are a Google+ user and you go to the address: http://picasaweb.google.com/ you are taken to your Google+ photos.

Now If you snap a few pictures with your Android or iOS device (where your Google+ app is installed and instant upload is activated) you may notice since Monday the Instant Upload images are stored differently. Before they were pushed into a section / Picasa Web album simply called “Instant Upload” -and in Picasa Web you could see that as a standard album called “Instant Upload”. Then if that one reaches 500 pictures old ones were moved to “Instant Upload XXXXXXXX Date” and you see the pictures rolling over.

Now since Monday you see kind of sub folders in the “Instant Upload” Picasa album. So if you snapped pictures since Monday you can check that by going to http://picasaweb.google.com/ and clicking the yellow banner taking you back to regular Picasa. Go into “Instant Upload” and you see i.e. 2013/03/19 and there are multiple pictures behind that sub album.

Now where are the issues?

For me the issue is: That once again something got changed in the way Google structures their image services without notifying users. And much worse:

On your Android device since Monday the Instant Upload Images do not show up in your Gallery app. They do show up in Google+ but not like two weeks ago – in your Gallery App as well.

Head over to Google Groups for a full description of the issue…

Now I find this very annoying. Google changing stuff and a feature which was nice and potentially many users of their flagship Android OS users were enjoying gets destroyed on the way.


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