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T-Mobile Germany issue: Stop calls from their marketing departments May 24, 2013

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Deutsche Telekom GmbH and their various brands in Germany reach out to many households. From TV service provider to the popular mobile phone services, chances our you came in contact with “the Telekom” in one or the other way.

If you even have a contract for one of their products, chances are even higher that you automatically opted-in to be contacted for marketing and product-offer purposes.

With this post I would like to give a bit of background how annoying that can be and how you can opt-out.

First of all what is Telekom trying to do? Well in my case the used the toll free numbers 08007238102 /103 to contact me and try to persuade me to buy additional SIM cards “for my family”. The calls were very frequent and spread out through the whole day (from early mornings to almost bed-time).

I contacted Telekom support and I received the shallow answer: I need to go into my customer center to deactivate the information service.

So after several tries for me as a mobile phone customer this helped:

  1. go to https://mein.t-mobile.de/
  2. on the left hand side navigation pane – select: “InfoCenter”
  3. on that page (“Information und Betreuung”) uncheck all the contact measures you see
  4. you need to confirm the request and after an unspecified amount of time the Telekom should stop bugging you


In my personal opinion that so called service of the Telekom is more than questionable. Why is every online client automatically opted-in?

Furthermore European and German regulations have clearly moved towards explicit confirmations by the clients before a company can call us and talk to us about any offers.

German court (LG Bonn) even clearly set up a fine for companies contacting fellow citizens without permission.






Dead Pixel Test October 18, 2011

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download all the following images – view them full screen and enlarged and check for dead pixels



Specifically designed ultra-portables… June 4, 2008

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Due to recent trademark related discussions I renamed this post and will try not to use the term netbook anymore. As this terms trademark is owned by psion teklogix.

Needless to say that these items (at least one of them) are also on my wishlist!
MSI Wind Product Color Change Wave 1
I am a fellow and faithful gadget online magazine reader. It feels like these publications have been buzzing since a long time about the topic of netbooks. Actually these netbooks are only available since about 6 month.
Asus Eee PC 1000 eventually a future model of ASUS
ASUS was so genius to start this niche product line again. Apple tried earlier but did not really succeed. And now with the Mac Book Air we have a sort of netbook but it does not quite have the price of a regular netbook.
Acerone acer\'s new netbook
Netbooks supposedly are smaller notebooks (8-11inch screens) with rather weak specs. But they have excellent mobility, excellent connectivity and usually a reasonable price.
I think they are definitely nice to carry around with you and I think the Mac Book Air should wrap up or at least make it cheaper. I am definitely planning a trip to the US again and if I feel like it I will return with a $300 netbook. How about the pink one?
Acerone acer\'s new netbook


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