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Brainstorming: Breakfast in Berlin July 7, 2014

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B Breakfast

I was asked recently – what is a good place in Berlin to have breakfast? Mhh – I thought about it and I concluded that I had so many fabulous breakfasts in our great capitol that it’s hard to give a recommendation.

I browsed through old photos and old memories and here is what I came up with:

Mitte – Barcomis

Prenzlauer Berg – Bar Gagarin

Kreuzberg – Morena Bar

Mitte – Spreegold 

Mitte – Gugelhof

Kreuzberg – Tomasa Villa





Spring local fitness deals are scheduled: 30.04.2014 April 29, 2014

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As in past years.. the local discount dealer seems to have a spring fitness sale and a autumn fitness sale scheduled. FitnessFirst membership accounts may get reduced as much as 30-40%. Usually the process makes you pay in advance and then print out a voucher / Gutschein and then you go into the gym and get your regular contract without any further costs.

I will be posting regular updates regarding the current details and process segments.


Wishlist: Bouvet-Ladubay Trésor Brut October 27, 2012

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This is fantastic french sparkling wine. Supposedly better and more pleasurable than some of the champagne brands. I do want a box of these babies.

Even large German retaile “Jaque’s Wein Depot” seems to have that in stock.


Update: You can also find it in a Rosé version – which I am desperate to try.


We have nothing to celebrate.. So let’s celebrate! January 4, 2012

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Let me explain what I mean by that cheeky headline. Well the issue is we really have nothing to celebrate right now. We are facing a number of challenges or let’s call them crisis’ . We have the European debt crisis, the energy crisis, inflation, the banking crisis, and what not.. So really one ordinary citizen should not turn to luxury products or unnecessary partying.

On the other hand. Life is too short – and we just love ‘le champagne’. Both the beverage and the French region. Common reason dictates you cannot buy dozens of bottles of Taittinger Prélude «Grands Crus».. But to abandon the indulgence of champagne drinking as a whole? Unthinkable! So here is a fine selection of discount Champagnes available here (don’t you just love Germany? I mean: discount champagnes?!).


“Test” Test Page: http://www.test.de/themen/essen-trinken/test/Sekt-und-Champagner-Der-Beste-fuer-Sie-1744046-1745436/

Guenstiger.de Test Overview: http://www.guenstiger.de/Test/Testbericht/Zu_Silvester_nur_der_Beste_Champagner_Klassische_Flaschengaerung_188231.html

Schnelle Vollwertküche July 1, 2008

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I know you probably thought I would be writing about the weekend of the year. My visit to Berlin. It was a fabulous feast a mad party and more.

But no […] I am writing about interesting ways of eating healthier. Colleagues of mine forwarded me these wonderful recipies of “Vollwertkost”. Bon Appetit.



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