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HEIF HEIC Converter for Windows December 13, 2017

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Apple seems to be aware that local storage on iPhones is mostly scarce. Recent iOS releases brought a number of improvements and more transparency regarding the storage management on iOS and iCloud.

I was quite surprised that Apple did not only pull of a couple of tricks regarding the display and management of storage but it even thought about the file formats that take up most of the space on an iPhone. For many people the storage fills up quickly by taking a lot of pictures. Apple looked at the way photos are stored (usually in .JPG format) and jumped in to change that format on iPhones.

The new modern file format  HEIF was specially designed by Apple to efficiently store a lot of photos and save this precious storage space.

Now the downside of this great change is – that the format and the usage of this efficient image storage system is right now an isolated Apple thing. iPhones do a good job in letting you post to Instagram and Facebook – handling the conversions in the background. But when you use old fashioned cables to access or copy files off your phone than you might get stuck with a file that your Computer can’t open.

To solve this some free tools are available: For Windows have a look at:


And for Macs there are also free tools available: https://imazing.com/heic

My view: give it a try and fear not: the move to efficient image formats is surely a great move for users. More space on your device.. more features like these neat live photos and just a bit of getting used to in your daily workflows.



Quick Link Toss: Martin’s Photos October 11, 2017

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Here are the Link to Martin’s Fotocommunity portfolio + website:

Always great places to wander around and check out gorgeous photos. I see a lot of portraits and artistic blacks and whites there.


Great Spots Showcased: Awwwards June 13, 2017

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Always on the run for inspiration and for great spots on the world wide web. Now I found one little service that makes for a good starting point.


In my own words: it’s a website aggregator which allows users and jury members to assign grades (1-lowes 10-highes) to website projects. It’s updated daily and provides a great overview of well designed or very usable websites. A good place to skim for inspiration.


Geometric Beauty – Symmetry August 10, 2011

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Beatuiful Images:



Deeply Impressed May 16, 2008

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I have been deeply impressed by the art of Sam-Tayler Wood, which I had the pleasure to see in London lately.

Sam-Tayler Woods SelfportraitShe is a very interesting contemporary young British artist. I have seen her “Self-portrait with hare” for the first time in a shocking experience in the British National Portrait Gallery. The photo is about 2m high and portraits the artist. Shortly before the picture was taken she suffered from cancer and just recently got her hair back.
The title and setting resembles this with genius sarcasm. The hare is dead but still as a symbol of fertility in her hands. And hare also sounds a lot like hair which she just now can show again.

All other works of Sam-Tayler are also quite impressive. I just ran to the next rooms to see more of her wonderful yet sometimes disturbing photos.



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