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Compare UK Pay-as-you-Go Tariffs March 18, 2013

Posted by Steven in gadgets.
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I just stumbled across a nice website comparing the conditions and prices of UK pay as you go services. The website is simple, you can put in how much voice minutes, texts and data you need. The site can also take you directly to the deals it has found. Give it a try if you need a UK SIM.


[Update 1] And I found a very nice review of the GiffGaff in terms of service quality and pricing one could absolutely recommend GiffGaff.


Rolls Royce Where You Wouldn’t expect them… June 7, 2008

Posted by Steven in Freetime.
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I recently came to visit friends in London again. And as I said. It is always a rush to be here. I had the pleasure to land in London City and it was just a very quick jump from where I ran with my hugo boss hand luggage to APT club/bar near BANK.

It was quite good and that was how it is supposed to be.

So then we returned home to a fairly average apartment building complex near Canary Wharf. One guy just took the liberty to buy a whole house which is nice but not super big or super cool. But he must make good money he owns 2 Porsches and today he is showing off his Rolls Royce in front of that average apartment complex.. Its crazy! You wouldnt expect a 150.000 pound car here. But there it is.. In front of that brick building with the guy in sweatpants cleaning and hugging it. Love London!


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