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Brainstorming: Breakfast in Berlin July 7, 2014

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B Breakfast

I was asked recently – what is a good place in Berlin to have breakfast? Mhh – I thought about it and I concluded that I had so many fabulous breakfasts in our great capitol that it’s hard to give a recommendation.

I browsed through old photos and old memories and here is what I came up with:

Mitte – Barcomis

Prenzlauer Berg – Bar Gagarin

Kreuzberg – Morena Bar

Mitte – Spreegold 

Mitte – Gugelhof

Kreuzberg – Tomasa Villa





Wunderbar June 29, 2012

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Ouh no! We are back. Back from amazing and wonderful 8 days on Ibiza! And being back doesn’t feel right. This was really one of the best (if not the best) holiday in my life. It was a ride. A rush. Amazing people.. such a good mood.. such a positive spirit. Really everything was perfect.

I am missing the guys I am missing the villa and I even miss our stray cat gavin.

My smile goes down and I am sad when I am thinking about the grey everyday now. I want to be back on amazing Ibiza with my amazing friends. Let’s do this again. Let’s travel together again soon! Lov to you guys!

We have nothing to celebrate.. So let’s celebrate! January 4, 2012

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Let me explain what I mean by that cheeky headline. Well the issue is we really have nothing to celebrate right now. We are facing a number of challenges or let’s call them crisis’ . We have the European debt crisis, the energy crisis, inflation, the banking crisis, and what not.. So really one ordinary citizen should not turn to luxury products or unnecessary partying.

On the other hand. Life is too short – and we just love ‘le champagne’. Both the beverage and the French region. Common reason dictates you cannot buy dozens of bottles of Taittinger Prélude «Grands Crus».. But to abandon the indulgence of champagne drinking as a whole? Unthinkable! So here is a fine selection of discount Champagnes available here (don’t you just love Germany? I mean: discount champagnes?!).


“Test” Test Page: http://www.test.de/themen/essen-trinken/test/Sekt-und-Champagner-Der-Beste-fuer-Sie-1744046-1745436/

Guenstiger.de Test Overview: http://www.guenstiger.de/Test/Testbericht/Zu_Silvester_nur_der_Beste_Champagner_Klassische_Flaschengaerung_188231.html

No (minor) Drama in the Holiday Period December 27, 2011

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Hard to believe.. and.. I think the people on Jupiter One were able to hear my sigh of relief. It was a dramatic scene in my brain when mother started to ruin the mood for everyone because one of he waste water pumps broke. The cellar was flooded with water. Oh no. And eery silence flooded the second Christmas Holiday.

But apart from that.. no to almost no drama. Puhhh. Very good. And once more we made it! We ventured through this year’s Holiday Period with almost no fun but almost no issues as well. The best thing right now: It’s over. We have really ventured completely through it. And as with any year the thoughts are kicking in: .. what are we doing different next year? Right now I have no idea. I just know: a bit of more fun and a bit of more rest would really be appreciated.

For all of you still out there in the middle of your family mayhem .. my thoughts go out to you. Hang in there. The final bell is just a tiny bit away.

Ideas for a Vacation May 28, 2008

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St. Gilles Beach de Reunion!

Or: Jade Mountain Resort:



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