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Santa is a Glass Explorer / Google Santa Tracker December 24, 2013

Posted by Steven in In-Media.
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Same procedure as every year.. The Google Santa Tracker just launched. And the whole thing is even more cute than last year. There are dozens of things to watch and to play in fabulous HTML5 mini apps. And also if you are an Android user you can download the official Google Santa Tracker App.

Also in the launch video of Santa’s annual tour from the North Pole.. you can see that Santa is a Google Glass Explorer :-) .

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Excitement x 170.000 July 14, 2013

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For the first time ever.. I will be attending a big festival.. I will actually camp in site for three full days. Everybody recommended Tomorrowland.. so this is what we will do.

Only two more weeks and round about 170.000 people to go. I am getting excited.

Anyone who has any festival survival tipps.. leave’em in the comment.


About the old times and the new heavens… November 15, 2011

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Leipzig Dawn Shot

It is unbelievable how fast time flies. After almost a year.. or let’s say half a year.. I was back in Leipzig. It felt different this time. Part being my own situation which shifted a bit from being in a relationship to.. well not being in a relationship. Also some old issues with past friends were resolved and I met totally different people during this trip.

Perhaps the most intriguing part was the beginning of the trip during which we visited the good old Hempe House. A safe harbor during past trips. Well this time as well and I am thankful for that. However it did feel a bit different – hopefully because we are all so busy :) . The party was excellent. I could not believe myself how many handsome people walked around and how excited the mood was. Ronald was there.. on drugs of cause.. but he still resembled the sex symbol of a past time.

Well on we go to a could – cladded Saturday where we met so many nice people. In the afternoon I was deeply humbled by seeing my niece grow up. I believe this is what matters most in my family right now. The boring talk and celebration rituals are absolutely meaningless but seeing this young lady becoming a distinct grown up personality is deeply humbling.

Sunday a strange walk and a visit to the end of the road house. Well what can I say – I felt uncomfortable.

Now seeing all that and again seeing the city in bright sunlight I must say this article describes how my old village may become the new heavens.



Slideshare Gems for Early October 2011 October 13, 2011

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Hello again – we were browsing slideshare.net once more. And look what we’ve found:

iOS Exploits – focus on the plethora of iOS 4 devices and brief outlook on iOS 5:
Also find more amazing presentations from HITBSecConf on this archive site: http://conference.hitb.org/archives.html



Mistakes not to make / Learn from Tara Hunt and her startup:


Bester Arbeitgeber September 26, 2011

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Neulich beim “Trendence” institute – Deutschlands beste Arbeitgeber:


Extremely Useful: How to Download GPS Assist Data manually February 18, 2011

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This is an extremely useful post regarding the Sony DSC-HX5V: How to update the GPS almanach or the GPS assist data manually.


And here I copied the guide…


After having bought a new Sony DSC-HX5V digital camera, which is equipped with an integrated GPS, I discovered that it comes with windows-only software for downloading and updating the GPS almanac on the camera (the supplied PMB Portable software runs on Apple OS X, but it does not support downloading the GPS almanac).

After tinkering a bit with tcpdump(1) and friends I found out how to perform the download and update manually:

  1. Download assistme.dat
  2. Download assistme.md5
  3. Verify that the MD5 sum of the assistme.dat file matches the one in the assistme.md5 file
  4. Create a top-level folder hierarchy on the memory card for the camera (not the internal memory of the camera) called Private/SONY/GPS/
  5. Place the downloaded assistme.dat file in the Private/SONY/GPS/ folder
  6. Place the memory card in the camera and verify that the GPS Assist Data is valid

I have written a small perl script for automating the above tasks. The script takes the mount point of the memory card as argument.

Letter: What you have to do in Den Haag! April 6, 2010

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zur Einstimmung auf Den Haag folgendes Lied


Du wirst kein Wort verstehen, aber das macht nichts. Das Lied wird im schlimmsten Dialekt der Unterschicht gesungen. Wenn wir aus Spaß früher so sprachen ist meine Oma rasend geworden!

Ihr müsst auf jeden Falls ins Mauritshuis, das ist ein Museum direkt neben den Parlamentsgebäuden. Es hat ein tolle Sammlung mit Bildern von Vermeer, Rembrandt usw. Auch das “Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrring” hängt hier, eins meiner Lieblingsbilder.

Auch in der Nähe der Parlamentsgebäuden am Kneuterdijk 18 A ist das Restaurant Garoeda, es ist eines der ältesten indonesische Restaurants Holland. Den Haag ist bekannt für seine indonesischen Restaurants. Nach der Unabhängigkeit Indonesiens (Niederländisch Indien) haben sich viele Leute von dort in Den Haag niedergelassen. Deswegen wird Den Haag auch “die Witwe Indiens” genannt. Also, hier müsst ihr dann einen Reistafel mit verschiedenen Gerichten essen. Unbedingt dabei sein sollte Rendang (mein Lieblinsessen), Babi Ketjap (Schweinefleisch in einer süßen Sojasoße) und verschiedene Satésorten. Lekker, lekker, lekker!

Falls ihr nach Scheveningen, dem Strandort Den Haags kommen solltet, nicht erschrecken. Es ist hier ziemlich häßlich, außer das Kurhaus, da müsst ihr rein und einen Kaffee trinken.

So, und bis dahin noch ein lustiges Lied


Gute Fahr nach Leipzig!


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